Illustration Friday: "Shiny"; ぴかぴか pikapika

He usually keeps his bling in a treasure chest; he's not the flashy type. But today, he found something new to add to his collection, and there's no better way to enjoy something pretty that to wear it.
Doesn't this obsession with bright, shiny things seem to be rather common among birds? I used to hear about magpies and crows and left it at that - until I did some research (id est googled) on parakeets and it turns out they too favour flashy things! 
So, this particular parakeet is one of three (not sure which one yet) aiming for a part in a short story I'm writing. I used colour pencils here but I think I'll switch to watercolours to get more flow, or even stay in the greys - maybe ink?  Here's the original character sketch:
The story is based on something I made for my German class, where we had to come up with sentences and translate them. Obviously, going with just the usual "I get up, eat breakfast, go to work etc" would not make language learning any fun at all, so I made up a story that begins with:
"Die Straße, in der ich wohne, hat vier Häuse; ein Haus is weiß, ein ist blau, ein ist grün, und ein ist rosa-gelb gestreift."
"The street on which I live, has four houses; one house is white, one is blue,one is green, and one has pink and yellow stripes."
And in one of these houses, live three parakeets, best friends of Sally - you'll have to wait and see who Sally is!

But, speaking of languages; as I was translating the word "shiny" into japanese, I came across these clips of people making light-paintings and turning them into stop motion films (the movie starts with how they actually went about making the movie and, then, about 5 minutes in, the finished film begins).


  1. I like that your bird has a mirror to check himself : )

    Happy Friday Nancy!

  2. Like the illo but also appreciated all the extra info and the link to the light painting. My students seem to be hooked on that at the time being. Cheers.

  3. Haha, I love that he has a mirror and box of treasures. Love the colors! He is very stylish!

  4. I love that expression! Wonderful illustration!