Illustration Friday: "Water"; 水 mizu

When I was little, I lived half my life in water, and half of that, was spent under it. Unfortuntely, I ruined my eyes doing that and now I have to stick to sweet water lakes. More unfortunate still, I have very little access to such lakes these days. But I still enjoy that sensation of floating midair and the sounds of the world muffled and distorted, even if I only let the water come up to and cover my ears.

Another one that doesn't mind water. And the ending is adorable; it looks as if somebody's expecting the session to be continued by a massage and a pedicure - at the very least:


  1. That illustration of lil' you in water is wonderful!

    Awwww... I doubt that Zoe would like that -- but that kitty seems very happy with the bathing and hair drying session! :)

  2. Nancy, when I was a teenager, my parents had a swimming pool really big and deep, we, with young friends, spent all summer in the water, sometimes we played to see who endured longer under water, and breathed with a plastic hose, then we were 20 minutes or more and at times had the feeling of floating in weightlessness. That reminded me of your illustration. absolutely perfect!!!!!
    Me gusta tu dibujo y cómo lo tratas con color, manchas, la línes color "oxido" le da gran personalidad a tu trabajo.
    Buen fin de semana!!!!!
    PS: Realmente no recuerdo qué escribí en el header, comencé con algo como "Este blog es olor a trementina..." y no recuerdo más. Lamento romper tu curiosidad con una explicación tan tonta, jaja!
    Chauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :)