Illustration Friday: "Whisper"; ささやく sasayaku

The fog carried her whispers,
and her secrets,
soft and warm.

Work in progress. Not sure how I'll finish it off, or if I might even leave it as it is - either way, this is one of those that will have to sit and wait for a bit. :)

Actually, we should be having morning fogs and rain around here by now, but there's been mostly just blue waters and endless skies ...

... and renovations and improvements are in the air! The "hippie-market" in Torrevieja is finally getting rid of the makeshift stalls and getting some proper booths. One might think that individual style is preferable to a row of identical huts, and normally I'd agree, but the way it looked before was just messy, rather than bohemic. I don't know if they'll all be painted the same - the others were still being built:
cat bonus pic. ;)


  1. ok..the last shot just totally distracted me xx

  2. Nancy!!!!!!!!
    un gusto verte again!!
    Ese trabajo en progreso está espectacular si no sabes como seguirá, o como terminarlos, déjalo así porque así se ve muy bien!!!
    Me gusta todo, el "clima" que creaste con esa ventana con la luz encendida! el gato de espaldas, las flores todo está perfecto!
    ¿Es ese tu puesto en la feria? está pintado muy a tu estilo creo yo. solamente faltan tus gatos!
    Un beso y buen fin de semana!!!!

  3. The drawing is really beautiful... kind of dream-like... love the atmosphere! Oh, and those sunny views!!! We had snow here today, and you seem to have full spring already :) Well, we already have the first spring flowers here in the woods!
    The booths look great -- I wonder if it's expensive to rent one for the day? (hmmm... "hippie market"...that sounds great, I wish there was something like that in Rhodes! You must have lovely fairs around there :))
    Awwwww and the sleeping kitty!!!!! ADORABLE!!!! What a lovely belly, and he looks so happy enjoying his nap in the sun! :)

    Thank you so much for your sweet words about little Lilli... She of course HATES her E. collar, but unfortunately it's necessary... I hope she will forget about it as soon as she recovers! I feel so sorry for her :(
    Wishing you a lovely evening and a wonderful, creative week ahead! xoxo

  4. It's really a whispery atmosphere! The cat being the only witness. It's all so meditative, and you need that to hear the whispers. Bit Japanese style.

  5. Your illustration is so still and beautiful! I'm really drawn to the single tree on the roof too.