Illustration Friday: "Protest"; こうぎ Kōgi

Jimmy The Grand Tiger left his job in protest of the poor quality of the circus canteen. He now lives on a rich Mediterranean diet of fresh tuna and oily, toasted tourists.

I joined one actual acrylic-on-canvas painting (one of my daily oaintings that never seem to find their way to the blog...) and the drawing of the tiger to make this one. The photo of the painting could've been better but there you go. ;)

BTW, the giveaway is over and I'll have the name of the winner up later!


  1. Well done Jimmy!
    The canteen on the circus certainly was very bad
    always best Mediterranean cuisine, oh, olive oil, oregano, cheese, olives, some pasta!!!!!
    Se me hace agua la boca!!!!
    btw: excellent painting!!!!!!!! (con colores muy mediterraneos :)))

  2. Fantastic colors! The beautiful blue background gives a tremendous feeling of freedom. The tiger made the right choice!

  3. Lovely painterly soft background. I'm a painter myself, so illustrations that incorporate real brush strokes attract me. :) I love the colors, they give a warm feeling. All in all I like the illustration very much, how it looks and the idea!

  4. Wow, what a beautiful mix of styles! Wonderful color and so magical!