Illustration Friday: "Power"; 力 chikara

You know I always try to make something specifically for IF whenever I participate, but this time I managed to time my daily painting to fit the challenge! 
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I cannot get sick of being in the water! Sure, after a couple of hours of it I wouldn't say no to a break with tea and chocolate chip cookies, but other than that, I would spend the day in there if I could.
She does look rather powerful rushing through the element like that, doesn't she?


  1. beautiful work. Love the color choices and brush work.

  2. Nancy, esta pintura es de la misma serie que nos mostraste hace unos días atrás,verdad?
    es ES-PEC-TA-CU-LAR!!!!
    Creo que mejor aún que la anterior.
    Repito lo que dije la vez anterior, eres tan buena dibujando y pintando que el dibujo es como si no estuviera.
    You know so much about drawing, that when you paint, you need only stains of color to build a perfect body, even in a escorzo like this
    I would say that the power of this painting is in you.
    All my admiration for you.
    good weekend, I hope you can swim for a long time! (and to eat chocolate chip cookies) :)

  3. It's a beautiful beautiful painting! One of the things I love about water is how powerful I always feel while moving through it. Amazing colors and mood here.

  4. Being in the water makes one feel free. Great painting with a very original perspective!

  5. Hi Nancy!!! where are you now????
    La nueva foto en la cama con un gato es espectacular (me pregunto una cosa, ¿cómo hiciste para poner la cámara suspendida sobre tí? O la foto la tomó otra persona.????????

  6. This is amazing! What a great fit for this week's topic. I think this painting is beautiful; I pinned it with your name credit.

    you are the winner on IF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    te felicito han ejlegido tu gran trabajo!!!!!!
    Te admiro y te felicito!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Nancy.... Nancy!!! Naaannnnncccyyyyyyy....
    NancyYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Wake up!... Are you sleeping?....
    You're the winner! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!