Illustration Friday: "Secret"; ひみつ himitsu

There's something about knowing a secret that makes you want to tell everybody about it. Personally, I don't think I have any secrets of my own, or at least I can't think of any right now (...  there goes my mysterious womanly charm out the window!), but I do know that if , for example, I know the result of a particular sports game, the ending of a book, the plot of a movie etc, and I know that the other person is still waiting to find out for herself, right away I get this terrible terrible itch to spoil it all!
I do think I'm pretty good at restraining myself in these situations but it sure does take a toll on the soul. ;)


  1. Ja Ja, seguramente tenés muchos secretos!!! todos los tenemos!
    do you know I do not feel that itch that you say?
    I can have kept a secret and not tell anyone, I'm a good secrets listener :)

    likely that itch, is very feminine, especially if the secret is something about a girl who is in love from the same guy as you, haha :))))))))))))
    This illustration is perfect, really I can see the anxiety of this girl (you :) she can not have her mouth shut JA JA

    good weekend for you and all your cats!

  2. She tries to look as if nothing is the matter, but she is bursting from secrets! I like her dress! The color getting redder towards the bottom.

  3. This is an utterly charming illustration! I would have loved books peopled with this character as a child.