Confessions of a kpop lurker ...

Since I have nothing new on the arty front, I'll do a bit of nonsense-blogging ... 
So I've been stalking kpop tumblrs for quite a few years now simply because they've got the funniest gifs around, I actually know next to nothing about the music and I've only watched a handful of dramas (a few more movies though and a whole lot more game shows) - I've got probably less than ten kpop songs on my playlist (and I'm not sure all of them are technically considered kpop;) so no, I'm not a kpopper. Everything I know about kpop I've learned pretty much through Tumblr and Youtube, so I've got a somewhat warped and fanbased view of the scene, and it probably has very little to do with the actual artists themselves (and so totally not fair on them) but that's ok by me - I'm just here for the funny. Like for example this crack vid by SwogliciousPuppysaurus - it had me laughing so much! A short and quick stress relief. :) So though not strictly a kpop fan, I've got to admit I am rather a fan of the kpop fandom - they never fail to amuse me.

Though, speaking of Exo, I happened upon this super cute little song and I dare you to listen to it and not get summer-happy feels :D

(Edit, many months later ...)Oh oh oh, I just realised exactly why I like this song so much - it reminds me of this (not saying they sound the same but there's something in the beat and feel of it that is just a bit 80's early 90's):



  1. MMmm no tengo idea acerca de qué es Knop!!!! pero veo que cambiaste el header y la foto de perfil!!
    Muy buena!!! Buen fin de semana!!!!!!

    1. Como estoy un poco aburrida con mi pintura que no está quedando como quiero, estoy usando la camara ... Aburrida e irritada! pero bueno, hay peor cosas en esta vida ;)